100 Million Clicks Night

19.00 h
Festival Arena
Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, www.musikmesse.com
Admission with valid Musikmesse ticket or free admission with Festival wrist band from 14.00 h
Luca Stricagnoli

100 Million Clicks Night

They have cleaned up on the stage that goes by the name of YouTube. They have touched the hearts of millions there, enthralled them and got them to click. Simply by playing seriously, seriously good music with passion! At Musikmesse, we are going to bring four online stars to the offline stage that we call the Festival Arena.

Pianist Costantino Carrara, 20, demonstrates why he has over 500,000 followers and why even Coldplay celebrate his presence on the net by sharing his videos. Costantino reworks successful pop songs on the piano and demonstrates that there is a lot more to them than we ever imagined.

Luca Stricagnoli, 26, has hit YouTube running like no other guitarist. With unparalleled skill and an enthusiasm that one can sense through the computer screen, he reworks famous songs and thus makes them into even greater hits. And, in so doing, he plays up to five guitars per piece. The reaction he gets from the fans is just …. well …. ‘Wow!’

Jannik Brunke, also 20, plays, amongst other things, the guitar, piano and drums. He has successfully been appearing on YouTube for years and, in German lyrics, speaks of friendship, aims, new beginnings and big emotions. His style: singer-songwriter R’n’B- … well, simply Jannik! A singer with his own, very particular style, he has already charmed the Lochis and has been on tour with them.

Singer-songwriter Michael Schulte, 27, has been a success on YouTube for almost 10 years and has already been seen by five million enthusiastic people. With ‘The Voice of Germany’ he took third place in 2012 and, in 2018, he will represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’. He has taken part in the 100 million clicks night at the Musikmesse Festival before.

We can look forward to four young artists, from whom we shall be hearing a lot more in the future. For them, music is the be all and end all. At the Musikmesse Festival they will can be sure not only of collecting a large number of YouTube followers but also of winning over some real new fans.

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