Acoustic Night

20.00 h
Frankfurter Hof
Am Kaiserplatz, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
Admission is free with the Festival ticket – subject to availability.
Ticket price at Box Office: 15.00 €

Acoustic Night

LIVE at Frankfurter Hof

For guitar fans, the Frankfurter Hof hotel is the place to go to for international fingerstyle at its very best. Fingerstyle guitarists use their instrument not only to play the melody and accompaniment but also for the bassline and percussion – all at the same time. Alexandr Misko from Russia shows why he has achieved over 33 million views on Facebook alone with his fingerstyle cover version of the Michael Jackson song Billy Jean and why his YouTube channel is booming. Julia Lange from Dresden, a prize-winning classical guitarist, shows why she is more than in love with fingerstyle. Markus Vollmer, one of the Germany’s leading studio and live guitarists and a member of the ‘Sing my Song’ band stands out through a sensitive and relaxed playing style that leaves nothing to be desired in technical terms. Also, Markus Stelzer from Stuttgart electrifies everyone with his versatility – from cheerful, fresh and light plucking to restrained ballads, he is master of all. After last year’s great success, we are looking forward very much to this special guitar evening.

In cooperation with:

Reinhardt Best Acoustics


Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof