Max Clouth Clan

20.00 h
Kunstverein Familie Montez e.V.
Honsellbrücke am Hafenpark, Honsellstraße 7, 60388 Frankfurt am Main,
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Max Clouth Clan

‘Return Flight’ was the title of his first album and, at the same time, forms the theme for the music of Max Clouth and a whole clan of like-minded artists. Mumbai and the river Main come closer to one another here. Indian Rock sounds are based on Frankfurt jazz.

Percussions meet baroque; jazz and international music unite to form a “playful fusion sound” (JazzThing). Now at last ‘Kamaloka’ is providing some album replenishment. We are glad to enjoy and celebrate these new works for the first time on the release tour. Kamaloka, Max Clouth promises, will take us on a road trip, give us the music for a filmed episode of the mind, taken on the journey between Germany and India. The very first show of this trip will be played of course in Frankfurt – at the Musikmesse Festival.

Let’s play and namasté!

Max Clouth – Guitar
Andrey Shabashev – Grand piano
Markus Wach – Bass guitar
Martin Standke – Drums

Presented by:

Initiative Musik